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    Capture multiple application in same Project Location with different Inventory Name

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      We started to test out ThinApp to capture some application on a windows 10 pro VM machine. This is only a trial.


      1) We tested to capture SAPGUI as following


      Inventory Name: SAPLogon

      Project Location: C:\Capture


      Then we tested the build package and it was running fine in a share folder.

      We are able to launch the SAPLogon without issue from remote computer.


      2) Now, we want to include a single sign on tool into this SAPGUI as both must be in the same build in order for the SAPLogon single sign on to work.




      2.1) I start the setup capture pre-scan, install the single sign on tool and post-scan, after that I was asked to enter


      Inventory Name:

      Project Location:


      Can I used back the same setting as below. I am getting a message whether I would like to overwrite the Project Location. I am not too sure about this.


      Inventory Name: SAPLogon

      Project Location: C:\Capture


      3) What I would like to do is to combine both SAPLogon and the single sign on into 1 single build package.

      Since I already have existing Project Location and Inventory Name, how should I go about it?


      Appreciate any help and advice here.