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    VCSA 6.7.0 - can't get updates of any kind to go...

    bapplegate Lurker



      I have VCSA 6.7.0.  I see there is 6.7.0a - so I downloaded the ISO for this (VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance-  I connect this to the cdrom, and I try via command line:


      Command> software-packages stage --iso

      [2018-06-28T17:54:56.179] : ISO mounted successfully

      [2018-06-28T17:54:56.179] : ISO unmounted successfully

      [2018-06-28T17:54:56.179] : Target patch version is not supported.


      I've also noticed that in Updates (i.e. VUM) - I have no icon for Updates.  All other functions (Administration, Policies, etc.) have a small icon.  Updates is blank (but I can click on it).


      Once I'm in updates, the only "available" updates are from 2015 and version 6.0.0 ?!  I choose Download, and the task fires that claims it's downloading updates.  Nothing changes though.


      One other data point - I initially installed this on eval licenses, and I just today bough Essentials and applied the licenses.  I rebooted VCSA clean after applying the licenses.  No change.


      TL;DR: VCSA with updates completely stuck.