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    Server 2016 Hot Add CPU gets BSOD "UNSUPPORTED PROCESSOR"

    COS Master

      ESXi host is 6.0.0 7967664

      vCenter (Windows) 6.0.0 5112527

      VM Hardware version: 11

      All Procs on the blades are all Intel E5-2690 v3


      I have a Server 2016 VM I used as a template. It used to work fine.


      Yesterday I deployed a few VM's from it and when I tried to hot add a cpu, I got the BSOD "UNSUPPORTED PROCESSOR".

      See attached pic.


      Most likely something goofy with the template but I want to use the VM's I deployed to troubleshoot then when I find a fix I'll apply it to the template.

      Anyone run into this?


      I found an article: https://vinfrastructure.it/2018/05/windows-server-2016-reboot-after-hot-adding-cpu-in-vsphere-6-5/

      But that doesn't fix my problem and my situation does not start with 2GB or less ram. My template starts with more RAM and I can't step down to a lower version because hardware version 10 does not support Server 2016.



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