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    NSX control plane (OVSDB) versus EVPN

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      I have a customer who is evaluating using NSX for control plane for VXLAN traffic or simply use EVPN with their Juniper switches. I can't seem to find good documentation on one versus the other. While EVPN uses BGP (which is a more standard and robust protocol), OVSDB also achieves the purpose. Customer is also planning to have multiple sites and wants to enable communication between them. Can someone help me evaluate which option will be better?

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          Hi, is this for NSX for vSphere?

          Are you referring to the hardware (Juniper) VXLAN control plane?

          The VXLAN control plane in NSX is managed by NSX and when speaking about integration, OVSDB is used for NSX to do Hardware VTEP integration with the hardware switches.

          There is no EVPN within the NSX

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