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    unable to update template networklabel

    slayton7 Lurker

      I'm getting the following error when running vmmark 3:



      2018-06-26T15:33:05.819 [main] INFO  vCSc : Provisioning NetworkLabel vmmark-test-network Found on All Hosts

      2018-06-26T15:33:05.821 [main] INFO  vCSc : ChangeVMNetwork vmmark3-template-053117 vmmark-test-network

      2018-06-26T15:33:05.826 [main] INFO  vCSc : DVS Disabled: NetworkLabel vmmark-test-network

      2018-06-26T15:33:06.849 [main] ERROR vCSc : Unable to Update vmmark3-template-053117 to use NetworkLabel: vmmark-test-network : Status error

      2018-06-26T15:33:06.852 [main] ERROR vCSc : Additional Error P1: The operation is not supported on the object.

      2018-06-26T15:33:06.856 [main] ERROR vCSc : Error VerifyTemplateNetworkLabel: null

      2018-06-26T15:33:06.856 [main] ERROR MAIN : Provisioning Validation FAILED

      2018-06-26T15:33:06.861 [main] ERROR MAIN : Exception Caught: Provisioning Validation FAILEDReview Log For Details : exitSetting true

      2018-06-26T15:33:06.861 [main] INFO  MAIN : EmailString: VMmark3Service_v1.0.3 Finished



      The template itself shows the only interface on the network mentioned above.  Any ideas?