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    NSX Host Preparation Issue

    kurtballmer Lurker

      Hi dears,

      By considering the below information, please assist and share a resolution to fix the Not Ready issue on NSX.

      vCenter version: 6.7.0 Build 8170087

      ESXi version: 6.5.0 Build 6765664

      NSX version: 6.4.0-7564187





      [root@esx:~] esxcli software vib list

      Name                                                       Version                             

      -----------------------------                  ----------------------------------- 

      esx-base                                               6.5.0-1.29.6765664                  

      esx-dvfilter-generic-fastpath           6.5.0-0.0.4564106                   

      esx-nsxv                                               6.5.0-0.0.7563456                   

      esx-tboot                                              6.5.0-1.29.6765664                  

      esx-ui                                                 1.21.0-5724747                      

      esx-xserver                                        6.5.0-0.23.5969300                  




      [root@esx2:~] esxcli software vib list

      Name                                                                   Version                             

      -----------------------------                              ----------------------------------- 

      esx-base                                                       6.5.0-1.29.6765664                  

      esx-dvfilter-generic-fastpath                      6.5.0-0.0.4564106                   

      esx-nsxv                                                       6.5.0-0.0.7563456                   

      esx-tboot                                                      6.5.0-1.29.6765664                  

      esx-ui                                                             1.21.0-5724747                      

      esx-xserver                                                    6.5.0-0.23.5969300                  



      In this scenario there are two ESXi hosts, one cluster and one virtual distribution switch.


      Thanks and Regard.

      Kurt Ballmer

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          Yammy1988 Novice

          Do you see any further error information by clicking Not Ready link ?

          And if you see Resolve option on the Web Client, could you perform resolve operation?

          (Resolve actions sometimes needs reboot of ESXi hosts, so it is recommended to have maintenance window when you perform resolve operation)


          Prepare Host Clusters for NSX

          > "The Resolve option sometimes appears because one or more hosts in the cluster need to be rebooted"


          If the Resolve option does not resolve the issue, performing steps desclibed below KB article seems to be helpful...


          "Not Ready" Installation Status in NSX (2075600)



          Hope this helps...


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            kurtballmer Lurker


            Thanks for your answer.

            After clicking Resolved option there would be no change and still I see Not Ready.

            Also I checked the related KB and all the items are configured successfully. DNS and NTP are working properly and there is not any firewall between hosts and NSX.

            I'm wondering why Not Ready appears only in the Cluster section at the top of nodes and installation of ESXi hosts are checked and green.

            Also as I checked none of the hosts need reboot action.


            Thanks and Regards,

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              kurtballmer Lurker


              please consider the below output from ESXi hosts and advise:


              [root@esx:/tmp] esxcli software vib install -v /tmp/VMware_bootbank_esx-nsxv_6.5.0-0.0.7563456.vib --force

              Installation Result

              Message: Host is not changed.

              Reboot Required: false

              VIBs Installed:

              VIBs Removed:

              VIBs Skipped: VMware_bootbank_esx-nsxv_6.5.0-0.0.7563456


              [root@esx:/tmp] esxcli software vib list | grep nsx

              esx-nsxv                       6.5.0-0.0.7563456                    VMware     VMwareCertified   2018-05-31

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                rahul_kj Lurker

                I have the same issue. In my case both the vcenter and ESXi are 6.7 with latest patches. Also I have NSX-V 6.4.1


                The host preparation fails with the Not Ready status, and Resolve does nothing. Need input on how to fix this

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                  vswitchzero Enthusiast

                  Hi Kurt,


                  As Yammy1988 mentioned, what additional information do you get when you click the 'Not Ready' error message? It should provide some additional information as to why it's in that state. I would agree that it's odd to see a cluster marked as 'Not Ready' but all ESXi hosts within are green.


                  EAM is listed as being up in your screenshot, but it still may be contributing to this. You may want to restart EAM (ESX Agent Manager), which is a service on your vCenter Appliance. This will trigger a re-scan of the cluster by EAM and it may refresh and get out of this state.


                  Keep in mind that if this is an ongoing problem, you may want to reach out to VMware support before restarting EAM. They can collect/analyze logging to get to the root cause of the issue.




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                    wreedMH Enthusiast

                    Anyone ever get this fixed? I am having same issue.

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                      wreedMH Enthusiast

                      Fixed by rebooting vCenter.

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                        Amin Masoudifard Expert

                        I have same problem in vCenter 6.7 and NSX 6.4.3. we have a reestablishment on our Data center and all of the hosts had been reboot. after startup, one of them  cause a problem in NSX host preparation. but after resolve it, still there is "Not Ready" warning. i restarted all of the vCenter, NSX manager and Controllers, check the DNS and NTP configuration, everything are OK, but nothing changed... Not ready alarm is resided not what should i do

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                          wreedMH Enthusiast

                          Now that NSX manager has been up for some time, reboot vCenter again. They dont like to come up at the same time.

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                            chris_arceneaux Lurker

                            I can confirm that rebooting vCenter resolved the issue. Seems a bit odd though...