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    SDDC solution

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      I'm trying to create a dashboard that monitors our vCenters (VCSA 6.5) so I have downloaded the SDDC solution. Unfortunately I'm not progressing much with it so has anyone been able to monitor vCenters with it (other than some licensing stuff). I really need to monitor the vCenter services and even though I am seeing them mentioned in the official Vmware document (please see attachment), I'm not able to find the actual metric in vROPS. I must be missing something so any help is much appreciated.


      Thank you!

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          I have a love hate relationship with the SDDC management pack i be leave it monitors the services as part of the heath badge but you cant get to the individual services.

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            No, you can. I've done this with vCSA 6.5 and there were some hoops to jump through although I can't remember what they are. I unfortunately don't have time this week to dig that back up, so I might suggest opening an SR as there were some tricks required. In the end, not all of the services are monitored, and the ones that are it shows up/down only. That's all you get.

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              @daphnissov if at least some of the services are monitored then I'm happier, up and down is fine so I'll get an SR open.


              I'm having difficulty implementing anything in our custom dashboards related to SDDC due to the ambiguity of the solution i.e. vCentre cluster flashes red but it's not easy to identify what is happening, having at least the services showing as up or down will make it a tad more usable for me.


              Thank you!

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                I understand and normally would help, but I'm on a customer engagement all week.


                All I can say is I tried multiple times to work with the CMBU team responsible for that SDDC/EpOps solution. I basically begged them to let me work with them to develop it and supplied pages of feedback. They never wanted to give me the time of day so I stopped trying. It has good potential, but unfortunately it's very...just...not good at this stage to be completely honest. GSS should be able to route you to that team, though.