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    What was JFROG Artifactory Pro in vRA?

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      Hello All,


      Could anyone please tell me what is JFrog Artifactory Pro? What was its significance in earlier version of vRA and Code stream? What was it used for? Why was it removed in new versions? What is the new solution and why is the new solution better?


      I am keenly looking for the replies and answers. I am curious on this topic.

      Any knowledge sharing will be appreciated.

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          As far as i know the JFrog Artifactory in vRA is Code Stream -> JFrog Announces Artifactory Integration with VMware vRealize Code Stream




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            NuggetGTR Expert
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            Artifactory was included more for demo purposes as Code stream has native integration with Artifactory it was easy from someone to get it up and running without first having an Artifactory investment, The reason for PRO was that PRO was the lowest version that supported artifact build number and metadata which Codestream required to resolve the artifacts from say a Jenkins build. The Devops for IT management pack used Artifactory to store, version and stage Blueprints and vRO workflows etc as well.


            The removal coincided with the move to Xenon framework and the inclusion of vRA into the vCloud Suite so im sure licensing would have played some part. the simple reason is that it was no longer required, and played the part of showing codestream capability which was 1.0 new release capability at the time.