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    Path trace in vRNI without VMware tools

    bbartik Lurker

      I have a couple live linux VMs without vmware tools I am using to test NSX. VRNI cannot do a path trace between them since VMware tools is not installed. I enabled IP Detection so at least I can use dynamic security groups with them. Can VRNI do path trace without VMware tools or do I need that? Is there some config option I am missing?


      Thank you.

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          Hello bbartik,


          Starting from vRNI 4.0, it can draw VM to VM path without VMware tools with the following conditions.


          vRNI will show VM to VM path for VMs with no VMware Tools

          • Conditions
          • VM with only one vNIC
          • vNICs that are connected to L2 Network(VXLAN/VLAN)  with only Only one router interface
          Karthic Kumar,
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