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    Cisco LACP VDS multiple hosts

    PenguinJeff Novice

      The documentation and videos seem to be all over the place to me so I thought I could create a simple enough example to get it straight.


      Lets say I have 2 ESXi host machines and 2 network interfaces on each host and one physical switch

      I also have one Distributed switch on all the VM's


      What to setup on cisco?

      Do I setup 2 port groups one for each vmware ESXi host?


      Do I setup 1 port group and add all 4 ports to it?


      What to setup on vmware?

      Do I setup 2 LAGs one for each machine?

      If I setup 2 LAGS does the Distributed switch get a LAG as its uplink and only need one uplink per machine?


      Do I setup 1 LAG and add all vmnic interfaces to the one LAG?

      And how would I set this up as uplinks on the Distributed switch?


      The video seems to be too simplistic and the documentation doesn't seem to help me.