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    Windows Server Failover Clustering in the vSphere environment

    as900w Enthusiast

      I have a vSphere environment.

      Build a windows Server Failover  Clustering in the vSphere environment.

      But validate configuration is failed.


      Storage is failed.

      Validate SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation

      Node ClusterSvr01.itpro.local successfully issued call to Persistent Reservation RESERVE for Test Disk 0 which is currently reserved by node ClusterSvr02.itpro.local. This call is expected to fail.

      Test Disk 0 does not provide Persistent Reservations support for the mechanisms used by failover clusters. Some storage devices require specific firmware versions or settings to function properly with failover clusters. Please contact your storage administrator or storage vendor to check the configuration of the storage to allow it to function properly with failover clusters.

      Test failed. Please look at the test log for more information.


      ClusterSvr01.itpro.local and ClusterSvr01.itpro.local is cluster Server Name.


      what should I do?

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