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    com.vmware.vapi.rest.httpNotFound after successful login (vCenter 6.0 Update 3c REST API)

    aenagy Hot Shot

      After trying to follow this (vSphere Automation REST API Postman Resources and Samples - Samples - VMware {code} ) and this (Kyle Ruddy - Get Started Making vSphere API Calls the Easy Way with Postman - YouTube ) I am stuck. I have been able to install Postman, import the JSON files, create a environment for vSphere (vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 Update 3c build 7037393) (using FQHN) and authenticate. The result from the Login is:


          "value": "214c5126c0ff010024798b861374b708"


      ... and a "vmware-api-session-id" cookie has been created. So far, so good. The problem is that if I now try something simple like get a list of datacenters|hosts|vms then the result is always:


          "name": "com.vmware.vapi.rest.httpNotFound",
          "localizableMessages": [
                  "defaultMessage": "Not found.",
                  "id": "com.vmware.vapi.rest.httpNotFound"
          "majorErrorCode": 404


      I have tried both "Inherit from parent" and "Basic" for Authorization TYPE. In both cases the results are the same. The credentials I am using allow me to login to the Web Client with no problems.


      What else can/should I try?