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    VDP 6.1 Failing on backup runs - "Failed to attach to disk"

    ScatterBrain Enthusiast

      Over the weekend one of our FreeNAS boxes locked up under heavy load.  I have everything running again except for vSphere Data Protection.  Whenever it begins a backup run it will create snapshots and then a few second later remove them and return the error "VDP: Failed to Attach Disk" in the Report window.  I've reviewed the logs, but they make no sense to me.  (I have attached one of them to this post.)


      I have run an integrity check on the Data Protection server, all is well.  I have removed any old/outdated snapshots for the virtual machines.  I have rebooted the Data Protection server.  None of these steps have solved the issue.


      I need someone more knowledgeable than me to look at the log file and give ma clue/solution to my problem.


      Thanks in advance.