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    Hardware health monitoring via command line on ESXi 5.x and later

    rbergero Lurker

      Is there some command that I can run on the command line on an ESXi server (such as vim-cmd or esxcli) that will tell me the health status of the server? I don't need detailed information. "Healthy" or "Not Healthy" are good enough. If my script detects "Not Healthy", I'll manually take a closer look through the vSphere client or the Web GUI.


      I'm running the HP custom image on the HP servers. I have the generic image on a few old Dell servers that will be replaced soon, so I'm not too concerned about those.


      There is no vCenter in the environment. I have a mix of versions of ESXi (5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5) due to the fact that some of the older hardware won't run with newer versions of ESXi. (The main problem being that the RAID isn't recognized.)