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    Persona breaks for one single user

    ctcbod Enthusiast

      Hello community.

      I’m just trying to gauge if anyone has seen this very odd Persona Management behaviour before.


      View 7.1.0 5170133


      Basically, we have a linked cloned floating Windows 7 pool using PM for persistency.   It works as expected for everyone except one user. This particular user logs in, then within minutes the profile breaks.


      Looking at the logs, PM starts trying to read\write to a directory that does not exist. E.g. the correct share path is \\server\share\%username%\Profile.v2    buy very soon after login, PM is trying to access \\server\share\%username%\Profile.v2\%username%    For some strange reason PM has appended the username to the end of Profile.v2\ which does not exist. 


      From the logs:

      [0][06/08/2018 09:48:34:0752][VMWCreateDirectory        ] Failed Opening Template Folder: \\Server\Share\%username%\profile.V2\%username%, 0x80070002

      [0][06/08/2018 09:48:34:0752][RTOCreateFolder           ] Failed Creating Folder: C:\Users\%username%\%username%, 0x80070002


      Logs are littered with similar errors thereafter.


      When all GPOs for the OU have been blocked, everything works until I re-enable the persona management GPO and it fails again.


      There’s not much in the persona management GPO, in fact I simplified it to help troubleshooting:

           Manage user persona: enabled

           Persona repository location: enabled (\\server\share\%username%\profile)


      That’s about it and like I say, these settings work as expected for everyone else bar one user. I’m starting to p1$$ is the wind!


      I’ve had an open case with VMware and they’ve tried to resolve this but as this only affect one user they are not investigating this any further.   I don’t necessarily agree that it’s not a View issue but understand their stance. 


      As a long shot, does this look familiar to anyone?