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    Shrinking Linux VM Created by Converter - P2V

    mmartin0926 Novice

      Hello All,


      I know this has been asked many times. But, every link/discussion I find has a different answer, and I'm not sure which one is the right one. And a lot of them depend on the VM being thin-provisioned, which this is not...


      I recently moved to a Windows 10 machine from a OpenSuSE machine. Since Linux is my go to, I decided to convert my old laptop to a VM using the VMWare Standalone Converter and a Trail Version of ESXi 6. Now, I have the VM converted to a Virtual Machine within my ESXi trail VM. The end-game is to export the VM to Workstation Player.


      The physical machine that I converted had 300 GB for '/' partition, which I don't need all that space anymore. I was able to get the used partition down to about 40 GB on the VM, and I was hoping to get the partition shrunk down to about, maybe 60 GB (*from currently 300 GB).


      I read you can use the Standalone Converter to do v2v to shrink the partition, however in the converter I don't seem to have that option to shrink the disk, from what I can tell.


      Here is what the disk looks like inside the VM:

           *The partition numbers seem strange because the P2V was a dual-boot windows/linux laptop and I only wanted the Linux partitions...

           sda1 = /boot

           sda6 = /

           sda5 = swap


      Could someone help me out for what I need to do to shrink down the ' / ' partition, i.e. sda6?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance,