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    VMWare ESXi host lost connection after setting NIC to 1000Mbps

    LordNicoll Lurker

      I was setting up some new networking setting on my main home server with ESXi 6.5, and I noticed the speed wasn't what I would expect, and found the ethernet speeds where set to 100mbps, so I set it to 1000mbps and since then, it doesn't seem to be able to connect anymore. I looked through the router and such and it should support 1000mbps, but it doesn't even assign any of the nics any DCHP IPs on the network, so there is no communication. The ILO3 adapter works fine, but I can't  access the VMware UI with no web connection, is there anyway to get the UI on the host machine, or tell it to only use 100mbps via commands from the machine?