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    Weird locker folder problem results in Fatal error: 33 (inconsistent data) when trying to remediate host

    mythumbsclick Novice

      Hi All

      I am having trouble remediating a host (a node in a vSAN cluster) running on 6.0.0, 5572656 (ESXi 6.0 Update 3a) with some updates but upon reboot ESXI fails to load with:


      Error Loading /s.v00

      Fatal error: 33 (inconsistent data)


      If I do a cold reboot, the host successfully boots back into the hypervisor but the updates have not been applied.

      I also got an error earlier today on this host:


      The host returns esxupdate error code:15 (This seemed to sort itselft out)

      I have a ticket with VMWare but it’s been open over a week and they haven’t been particularly helpful so far.


      If I run: cd /vmfs/volumes

      find / -name locker


      The command takes ages and then eventually returns the image below



      Navigating through the directories - ls /locker/packages/6.0.0/floppies


      It seems to loop back to the locker folder contents. It looks like some weird symbolic link issue but I really don’t know how to fix it or if im on the right lines.


      The host and VMS otherwise run perfectly and I don’t have any other issues. I have run df -h and there is plenty of disk space. Any help would be massively appreciated!