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    End-Point Operations Agent Plugins

    fduranti Hot Shot

      End-Point Operations is going to completely substitute hyperic as this will go out of support at the end of year.

      We're using hyperic to monitor some devices with SNMP and from what I saw epops agent seems to be able to do something similar but there's no "simple" configuration to do it out of the box.


      Anyone have experience using epops agent for SNMP query?


      I would also like to create a small script plugin to monitor my backup server. I'm able to get via a script all the data I need to monitor and to "discover" the list of backup configuration (server) that run on the backup.

      What seems to be not possible via the script is to do the service discover to automatically create the Backup schedules as a service.


      Anyone have experience on creating a discovery plugin that for example take a simple file with a list of service and pass return them as discovered to the plugin?