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    2 dhcp scopes on DHCP server

    JoeBhoy Novice

      Hi, wondering if this is possible.

      I have a small lab running on vmware workstation that I want to put the VM's into the 10. range

      I want my home devices to run in the 192. range

      They will all run on the same lan

      Is there any way to create 2 scopes in dhcp and VM's go to one scope and home devices go to the other ?






      p.s. The reason i dont use Virtual networks is that I have to workstations on the Go and the 2nd one also has a VM that needs to be in the same network as the VM's on physical server 1.

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          continuum Guru
          vExpertCommunity WarriorsUser Moderators

          Having 2 DHCP servers on a single physical network will cause problems.
          I assume you have a router on the physical network that supplies a IPs in the 192.168 network.
          Cant you use fixed IP-addresses in the 10.*.*.*. network for your VMs ?

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            sjesse Expert

            If you want to get creative and your router supports static routes. Create a router VM, with one network card on bridged, and the other on the virtual networks. If you set it up right and create a static route for those networks pointing the bridged ip of the router, you can access the virtual networks from other machines. I have my esxi lab behind a virtual router,  and I can access each of those networks anywhere on my network.

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              JoeBhoy Novice

              Correct on the router and 192. bit.


              Its only 1 DHCP server with 2 scopes i have on the vmware box.  I had thought about the fixed address but wanted to test rolling out  machines via sccm without nay hassle.


              Is it possible to have 2 Physical Nics on a workstation box and assign Virtual macchines to either of those physical Nics ?