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    ajohn123 Lurker

      Hey all, I have downloaded an iso image of the ESXi 6.7 and I installed on my machine. I got a Vmware web host that can build the virtual machine on it.  Is that if I upload my data to this virtual machine, is that  my data is secure in this web host? Is that anybody can see this data?

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          aleex42 Enthusiast

          The data isn't really safe, but not really unsafe :-)


          To access your data, there are multiple ways:


          1) login to your VM and copy the data via network


          2) create a new VM and attache your existing harddrive to this new VM. Then you don't need login credentials to your old VM and can access your data ...


          But: just with having login to your hypervisor, you cannot access data. You need to have some criminal energy