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    ioinsight error "maximum supported numer of selected vodka is 20"

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      I use ioinsght to monitor large vsphere env to get the io size distribute, the esxi host and vmks quantity is much more ,ioinsght tools has limit and show error “maximum supported numer of selected vodka is 20”,how to set to break out the limit ?

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          MidhunK Novice
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          Number of VMKDs that can be concurrently monitored with IOInsight is limited to 20 in the current version due to the following reasons:

          • IOInsight is mainly aimed at characterizing I/O behaviours of a workload or a VM. Generally number of VMDKs in a VM with active I/Os are less than 20 and this limit can satisfy most cases of monitoring 1 or a few VMs at a time.
          • Monitoring large number of VMDKs at a time will have higher resource requirement (CPU, memory & network). So, this may even affect the performance of VMs in the host which is being monitored including the ones being monitored
          • IOInsight collects stats at vmdk granularity and some info about every single I/O on monitored vmdks are sent to IOInsight from the host. So, IOInsight is suitable for a focused analysis where we are interested in a particular workload (VM) or a set of VM's. But tracking every I/O in a really large environment has it's own practical limitations. To get a high level overview of such a large system, other options like vCenter or vROps performance monitoring might be a more suited. But with those monitoring tools, you may not get the amount of details that is available with IOInsight.

          So, you will have to either limit / narrow down the focus areas while using IOInsight by monitoring less than 20 VMDKs or use other tools which give more broader overview (host / cluster level), but with less detailed metrics.