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    Unable to upgrade from 7.1 > 7.5 but 7.4 > 7.5 works...anyone else?

    amr12 Enthusiast

      I've been having a really tough time upgrading from 7.1 to 7.5 on my external connection server, the internal connection server works fine.  I think the breakdown is on the LDAP sync beacuse that is usually where it fails plus i found this in the logs:


      Property(C): LDAP_UPGRADE_ERROR_MESSAGE1 = LDAP is not ready for an upgrade. Error in reaching the server [VDM_LDAP_ERROR_SERVER_NAME] to get replication status. Please resolve the issue and try again. To get more information, run the command "repadmin /showrepl [VDM_LDAP_ERROR_SERVER_NAME]:389"


      I did however upgrade to 7.1 > 7.4 and then to 7.5 that worked fine and everything is up and running now.  Has anyone had this issue?  I have logged a support case to see what they come back with.  The documentation says you can go right from 7.1 > 7.5