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    Horizon v7.50 with VCSA v6.7 and ESXi v6.5U2

    jedijeff Hot Shot

      Hi. We are having some issues provisioning instant clones using Horizon v7.50 with vCenter v6.7, yet our hypervisors are still ESXi v6.5U2.


      All hosts show these errors in a connection server log.


      2018-06-12T00:23:27.448-04:00 WARN  (1008-1878) <CacheRefreshThread-https://blahblah:443/sdk> [ObjectStore] Host: host-26 not available for provisioning. ConnectionState=connected, PowerState=poweredOn, MaintenanceMode=false, AdminRequestedMaintenance=0, MarkedAsFailed=false, Host Version: 6.5.0, Host API Version: 6.5


      Creating a new Instant Clone pool fails with this

      No full links for internal VMs found


      I am just not sure what is the cause or effect? The hosts are healthy, and all have access to the proper datastores, etc. Can anyone point me in a direction? Is there an issue with VCSA v6.7 and trying to use the new Instant Clone API yet the hypervisors are still v6.5U2? Thanks,,,