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    VIO and NSX-V or NSX-T

    BNEngineering Lurker

      I work for a company that is about to turn a corner and truly have a cloud native deployment model for our applications.  We are a month into our VIO POC and so far we have had a good experience testing using OpenStack APIs.  The next piece we will be evaluating is NSX-V and NSX-T


      I would love to get everybody's opinion on the combination of VIO with whatever flavor of NSX you are using.  Ideally from those with production deployments, but others are equally appreciated (just specify that you have not rolled VIO into production yet).


      Production for us is hundreds of users deploying machines.  It's open ended so talk about likes/dislikes or whatever else you feel is relevant to a company trying to decide if this is the right path.


      Thank you!