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    vRA 7.4 + Custom Form -> Custom Properties Values not Updated in vRO

    Robert ¯\_ツ_/¯ Enthusiast

      Hello Guys!


      I have a strange issue with vRA, Custom Forms, vRO Workflow and Custom Properties:


      I created a Blueprint with Custom Forms an a few Custom Properties which are used in an vRO Workflow. The deployment process works as expected with my full admin vRA User so i published the Blueprint to the Users. The Users have only the "Users" and the "Shared access" Role in the Business Group. The first it's-not-working comes quite fast so time for a debugging session... The Custom Properties Values where correctly set in the vRA Request but the Properties Values are not passed to the internal vRO -> They are shown in the vRO "payload" but with empty Values. If i add the Users to the "Support" Role of the Business Group the Values were correctly set but this is not an acceptable workaround.


      Hope anyone can help and its not a "works-as-designed"





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