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    win 1803 - waiting for service

    pas2711 Lurker



      anyone gets an answer regarding issue with win 10 "1803"? since the upgrade, we no absolutely no upload, it goes to 80% and then stops.. so no backup for at least 50 computers..

      Any tricks on your side ? Even put back the base layer with an older version does not work, service stops after a while..so only way to solve is reinstall pc from scratch and make sure windows update is disabled..



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          dgribbin Novice

          Same issue within my environment. Seems to be tied to the following error in the client service logs:


          The OS handle's position is not what FileStream expected. Do not use a handle simultaneously in one FileStream and in Win32 code or another FileStream. This may cause data loss.


          Don't really have any leads on this.

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            Linsey Lurker

            We have the same exact issue. 53 computers Waiting for Device. Uninstall/reinstall of the client allows it to connect and it gets most of the way done uploading, then goes back to Waiting for Service. We have been upgrading everyone to Windows 10 and installing all updates, and all of the updated computers have been affected. Has anyone heard any word on this issue?

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              pas2711 Lurker

              any news???? how can we leave clients without solutions !

              150 euros per licences..I have more than 400 computers......and i got stucked becaused of an update to 1803...


              what are our choices ? what are the solutions which could provide us with another solution ? i loved mirage but if it's over, it's over