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    Datastore files move issues

    GaelV Enthusiast

      Hi community


      I'm dealing with vSphere 6.0 for a while but i've just experienced a new issue on a VMFS Datastore.


      First issue :

      I'm trying to Move an iso file to a different folder on the same datastore. First when i click on "Move to..." menu , it show a Copy action on vCenter's Recent Tasks and it takes too much times (more than 45min for a 4GB iso...


      Second issue :

      Once the file is copied/moved i don't know which word i have to use, the file is still present on the source and destination folder and i can't delete from the source folder.

      I have the Unable to access file....error. Then when i succeed to delete it, it delete both iso (source and destination..)


      Third issue :

      I can't move/copy file without the Unable to access file...error


      Is there something i missed ?