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    Can't log in after changing IP on vCenter Server

    Wertyx Lurker



      I have a cluster based on VMware vSphere 5.5. I have vCenter Server running on a Windows Server 2012 VM.


      The issue: I need to change ip-address of my vCenter server and change vlan assigned to it.

      The VM has one virtual NIC with ip, for example. I created one more NIC when was changing IP on ESXi hosts (the new one is With ESXi everything is fine, they correctly reconnected to Vcenter but when I change IP on vCenter I cannot log in to it using vSphere Client(message: Cannot complete login due to incorrect login or password).


      It happens when I disable interface with IP When I connect using vSphere Web Client and try to log in I see message: " The server might have failed to respond or responded in an unexpected way".

      When this interface is up I can connect to vCenter using both IP-addresses, everything is fine. Also if I disconnect NIC with ip from the VM and reboot Vcenter services "VMware VirtualCenter Server" and "VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices" fail to start. If I reconnect the NIC with, the services start again and I can connect both IP: and and log in.


      Does anybody have an idea what's wrong? How can I fix the problem ?


      Thank you in advance!