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    vRops Reports and Permissions

    AhhhOK Lurker

      I do not understand how the permission side of vRops truly works even after reading up quite a bit.  vCenter Adapter is connecting to vCenter using an account that has Admin Role in vCenter.


      Reports run as users created by vCenter Authentication Fail.  After looking at permissions, I do not understand why you cannot modify the users created by logging into vRops via vCenter authentication?  I was ok with my vCenter Admins being admins in vRops but see that there is a built in Power User role that may be better to use.  However there are limitations to the accounts that get created by logging in with vCenter authentication. The account gets created but I can't add the account to any vRops groups or assign roles.  By default it is a member of the Everyone group but that is it.


      On the flip side, my local accounts can run reports but get no data in the report even though they can see the data when I click on the view and choose the vSphere World.   The local account can see the Virtual Machines and their details.


      Any info on why they don't allow you to modify the vCenter accounts may help me understand the reasoning.

      And what do I need to do to get local accounts to be able to see the data in the reports?