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    Adding extra disks/disk groups to a VCF setup post deployment

    BassamZantout Lurker

      Author : Andy Dugas

      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Cloud-Foundation/2.3.2/com.vmware.vcf.admin.doc_232/GUID-704FD57A-19A6-4305-8619-6B33DE557AAC.html

      Topic Name : Replace Capacity Drive (SSD or HDD) or Cache Drive (SSD) in a Host

      Publication Name : Administering VMware Cloud Foundation

      Product/Version : VMware Cloud Foundation/2.3.2

      Question :

      If a customer procured a VSAN certified node for VMware Cloud Foundation, but the nodes were partially populated with disks, then  1. Can he add extra disks groups/capacity post deployment without re-imaging the cluster?   2. Will this affect the VCF certification of the VSAN ready node in any way? and hence the support