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    Too Many Objects in vROPS

    cgrvy Enthusiast

      Hi, weird one here - we are licensed for about 50 percent of our VMware estate in vROPS. We have used license groups to specify the clusters we want to target, and set the other ones to ignore.


      The issue is we can still see all objects in vROPS and are worried this is going to fill up our available space pretty quickly as well as muddying the waters for our reporting.


      What is the best way to deal with this? Would it be navigating to Administration -> Configuration -> Inventory Explorer and deleting out the unwanted clusters from in there? Or will that work?



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          Ryan701 Novice

          I would suggest limiting the permissions the account your using to connect to vcenter with. I had a similar issue with branch locations and when I applied "No Access" permissions to that service account, it limited the view of vROPs in that portion of the vCenter environment.