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    Overwrote a VMDK with the cp command.

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      Pretty much as the title says, I have tried using the vmfs-tools package on a USB bootable Ubuntu install, but the version of VMFS is too high for it to mount the partition. I currently have it passed through to my Windows VM, and trying VMFS recovery, but that doesn't seem to find the VMDK.



      Any other methods I can try before trying to work out what I have lost?



      I think the VMDK was around 1.4TB, but not full, as datastore I was trying to move it to has less than a terabyte free. The file I overwrote it with (same name) was a few kilobytes. I thought it was the pointer file for the VMDK, not the actual VMDK itself. I should have checked the extension.

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          Do you remember wether you overwrote the name.vmdk or also the name-flat.vmdk ?

          If you still have a *-flat.vmdk with the expected size no serious harm is done.
          vmfs-tools from Ubuntu using standard repositories will fail with vmdks larger than 256gb.
          Can you use vmfs-fuse to list the files ?
          Can you use Ubuntu to do this ? (I assume the Ubuntu sees the VMFS-volume as /dev/sdX1 - change this to your needs )
          dd if=/dev/sdX1 of=/somewhere/vmfs.1536 bs=1M count=1536
          Then I can check if there is a way to create a dd command to extract the vmdk even if the VMFS-metadata may be dead or partially corrupt.
          If that does not help it is still maybe possible to extract the vmdk when it was thick provisioned