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    Multiple Symptom Definitions Groups for an Alert

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      I am trying to figure out how to create an Alert definition, similar to the pre-canned 'One or more virtual machine guest file systems are running out of disk space' Alert that has 3 symptoms based on drive space usage percentage.  Those symptoms fire when drive usage reaches 95, 90, and 85 percent of capacity.  While this pre-canned alert works fine with 80% of our VMs, it does not work how I would like it to work when a vm has a very large volume.  As an example, we have a few vm's that have a 1TB drive.  When usage on that drive reaches 850GB, i start receiving alerts.  What I tried to do was add 3 additional symptoms for Critical, Immediate, and Warning.  I set the symptom criteria for those 3 symptoms to 'is less than' 50GB.


      In my screenshot, I thought the logic would be if any in the first group were true AND if any in the second group were true, then display an alert.


      Thanks for any insight!





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          sxnxr Expert

          I dont do this for vms but i do for datastores. The way i do it is separate alerts


          One for normal sized and one for lard datastores.


          i create sub policy off my main policy for each group i want to create and disable the normal alerts for the datastore in them and enable the new alerts for the different groups in each sub policy.


          I then custom groups with membership rules for greater than 10tb and less than 20tb and a second for 20.1 to 30 and so on and assingn the correct policy to that group that has the alerts enabled in them


          I hope this makes sense


          I know it does not answer your question but may be an alternative

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            Thanks sxnxr!  That does make sense and will certainly solve this problem.