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    Set temperature alarms and warnings?

    PenguinJeff Novice

      One of my hosts is complaining about one sensor being outside a range.

      I would like to change the range for than sensor.


      I first turned off the machine and looked for any dust buildup or anything that had changed as I never had issues with this before.

      The only difference is I upgraded from ESXI 5.5 to ESXI 6.5


      I can disable all hardware temperature sensors but I would rather just change the range for warnings or alarms for that one sensor.

      Or maybe just disable the one sensor.


      I'm guessing the older version didn't even have the sensor readings for the complaining sensor.


      I am not seeing any good information on how to do what I would like.


      If I go to the host with the sensor

      go to its monitor tab

      select hardware status

      Select sensors

      I can see an alert under temperature

      If I expand temperature I can see it complaining about "System Board 1 IOH Temp" at 49C on my other two it is at 41C

      If I could tweak the sensor settings for warnings and alerts I would like to.