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    how can I get a inventory path

    Cosz3 Novice



      I am reading this Add a VM Template as Image,  I do not know how I can get a inventory path like this: "vi://<vcenter-host>/<datacenter-path>/vm/<sub-folders>/<template_name> IMAGE_ID"


      I check the ESXI host, my template path is "/vmfs/volumes/5afbf083-9e9b06f1-c051-7ca23e8d344c/test1-1", how can I transform it to the above format? what does the "vi" stand for?


      is this correct? vi://

      or it is should like this way?  vi:// (I make up the "path" by using mob web client)


      I am not sure, and the document is unclear as well.

      Anyone can help, thanks in advance.