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    Powered-Off Duration

    nmanm0305 Novice

      Under Home > Optimize Capacity > Reclaim > Powered Off VMs, there is a column labeled Duration that is seemingly tracking the amount of time that a VM has been powered-off.


      Is there a way to see where that metric is coming from and or how its being calculated? There isn't an edit option on the widget as in other dashboards. I would like to add this metric to other dashboards.


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          Sunny Dua Enthusiast
          vExpertVMware Employees

          Click on the little wheel icon next to where it says Reclaim on this page. You can set the number of days for Idle, Powered Off and Snapshots here.


          On top right corner of this page there is a link to a video which explains this.

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            nmanm0305 Novice

            Sunny, thank you for your response. I reviewed the Reclaim icon and video that you've referenced, but they do not answer my question.


            My question is: how can I access the powered-off duration metric (as pictured below) for use in other dashboards?


            I want to add that exact metric to other dashboards. For example; I have a dashboard that shows VM owners the status of their machines, if one of their machines is powered off I want them to see that duration metric.



            I think the "powered-off duration" should be accessible in metric picker for the Virtual Machine object type, but I do not see it there.


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              Sunny Dua Enthusiast
              vExpertVMware Employees

              Got it.. You are correct it is not a metric. It is calculated by the UI. I am taking this in as a feature request to see if we can add this in the upcoming releases.



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                nmanm0305 Novice

                Thanks Sunny, that will be a useful metric!