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    What are the pre-requisites for creating Windows Template and Linux Template having vRealize log insight agent in it, so that whenever that template is called the Log insight agent also gets deployed and started to send logs to vRLI server.

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      Also, In one of my infrastructure, if I used the method of pushing vRealize log insight agent via Linux and windows templates using SSL, the problem occurring when a new VM is created having log insight agent in it, It first starts reflecting in vRLI server UI. But after some while, the status of that VM shows "disconnected", and after sometimes, it again comes "Active". When I investigation, I came to the conclusion that the liupdaterd service in that VM is stopping frequently. So what could be the possible cause of this? and Also, could someone helps me in getting the solution that how can I configure my template to push vRealize log insight agent to VM created from that template and sending logs to my vRLI Server?