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    vRealize Business for Cloud

    tashby64 Novice


      I am deploying VRO and the VBC as an assessment. Both latest appliances.

      VRO works fine, however, VBC gives the following when trying to access. I have tried deploying the VBC appliance twice from separate downloads. Has anyone seen this or have any suggestions?


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          FYI "vRO" means vRealize Orchestrator. "vROps" means vRealize Operations Manager.


          You can't access vRBC directly in a browser, you must go through the portal in vROps because vRBC does not have a built-in identity manager.

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            sxnxr Expert

            You need vIDM for vRB regardless if you access it through vrops or not.


            There are 2 supported deployments


            1 deployed with vRA ( vRA has vIDM built in to it so you use its vIDM for access)


            2 deployed with vIDM (this is if you dont have vRA)


            either way when you register vRB with vIDM it creates 3 groups that you use to give access to vRB


            As for your error i did get it with one of my deployments but cant remember the fix. Try using the DNS name instead of the IP