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    Increased VMFS5 datastore temporarily reverts to previous size

    sgunelius Expert

      Good afternoon.  I was just preparing to open a support call about this, but wanted to post to the community first.  I have several VMFS5 datastores that have had their capacity increased, but they periodically revert to their previous capacity and I'll start seeing capacity alerts in the vSphere Web Client or I'll be unable to perform snapshots, expand virtual disks, etc.  Once I perform "Refresh Capacity Information" all is well, the increased capacity is visible again and the alerts cease.


      We're using vSphere Web Client 6.5.0 (Build 4944578) and are preparing to shift to a new vCenter server for vSphere Client 6.7.0.  The majority of our hosts are 6.5.0 (5969303) & 6.5.0 (7388607), but we have a handful of older hosts that can only support 6.0.0 (5224934).  Has anyone seen this odd issue before?  I'm wondering if it might be something quirky from the older vSphere Web Client.  Thank you.