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    vm can not find vmdk file but the disk still exists.

    Cosz3 Novice



      I create a vm (test1-11) on a EXSI host and attach a 3G volume with it shown as below.



      the attached volume is a vm-like, which is also located at






      Then I live migrate (vmotion) both the vm (test1-11) and its volume from ESXI to ESXI like below.



      after I live migrate (vmotion) the vm,I check the vm is migrated to EXSI and  bunch of a volume test1-11(c3c5b735-4309-4783-9307-a4afe1e096fc) files appear under vm directory.


      However, then I check the volume. I find the volume still on host and I can not find the Disk File (volume-c3c5b735-4309-4783-9307-a4afe1e096fc.vmdk), which located at [sata-datastore-16-02] volume-c3c5b735-4309-4783-9307-a4afe1e096fc/volume-c3c5b735-4309-4783-9307-a4afe1e096fc.vmdk, however the Hard disk 1 is still 3 GB.






      1. I think I should relocated the volume (volume-c3c5b735-4309-4783-9307-a4afe1e096fc) right? do a consolidation?


      2. It there anyway to make the volume file locations seem reasonable (point to the new disk files under vm directory? ).


      3. Is there anyway to migrate both vm and its volume together to an ESXI ? in fact I did know there is option to choice both migrate vm and disk, and I did chose it. but not worked as I expected, the disk file seems relocated.


      3. I also not quite sure why the volume seems a vm with cpu and memory, and it seems share its disk to another vm, right?


      Anyone please can help?

      Thank you in advance.