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    I have 3 cluster on the main site, and 2 cluster on my DR site. I will be using around 30 VMs per cluster. storage per cluster would be 50TB. I am planning to host this on vxrail. I want a single orchestration pane to manage my entire cluster along with t

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      i will be hosting 3 SDDC cluster on my DC site , this will hosted on vxrail . I have roughly 30 vms per cluster. and about 50TB of Storage per cluster. I will be suing vsan for storage.

      I have additional 2 cluster on the DR site.

      I want one single orchestration layer to manage the entire set up .

      can somebody guide me , what are the products I will need, for eg. vcenter enterprise edtion, NSX etc. keeping in mind that vxrail will be coming with its own management layer.

      please do also guide me the type of license that I will have to go with in this kind of a set up .