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    [vRA 7.4] - UnprovisionMachine step stuck.

    ymichalak Enthusiast

      Hi Guys,


      we encounte an error during the " UnprovisionMachine" state.


      When a user send a request to destroy the "Deployment", the Virtual Machine is deleted from Vsphere infrastructure but in vRA we can always see the Virtual machine in :


      - Infrastructure > Managed Machines.

      The status is : "UnprovisionMachine"


      and also in :


      - Items tab.


      In a REQUEST tab the request still "IN PROGRESS".


      The Virtual Machine existing yet in a vSphere Environment.




      If we try to send a new request "Destroy or Force Destroy" an error occured : "Request initialization failed: Rejecting blueprint request [44b19f1c-58ad-4e98-8733-71ad15124de5]. There are other active requests on the corresponding deployment."


      We have try to delete the Virtual Machine from Infrastructure > Managed Machines, same result.


      We can also see this log under "Infrastructure > Monitoring > Log" :


      Error delivering workitem response DisposeVM c7362b0e-b0bc-40d4-81da-a330b0229fa4 to workflow 158e2412-6ddc-4e13-afd4-0997abea0167, exception:

      Current workflow state does not expect workitem response

      Inner Exception: Event "ReceiveWorkItemResponse" on interface type "DynamicOps.VMPS.Service.IWorkItemService" for instance id "158e2412-6ddc-4e13-afd4-0997abea0167" cannot be delivered.


      We don't have a subscription published & blocking at this step on the Event Broker.


      If you have an IDEA

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          ymichalak Enthusiast

          Ok found...We have old Custom property set on the IaaS blueprint for BMC :


          VirtualMachine.EPI.Type value : BMC

          but this property is n more used by us and the EPI agent no more exist on the Worker servers.


          I think there is a hidden subscription on the Event Broker to catch this custom property.


          This is why, we don't find any LOG during this error and why the DETROY request stayed on "IN PROGRESS".



          Week ennddddd