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    esxi + v3700 multipath error

    bvn63 Lurker



      For learning purposes I use V3700 (P/N 00MJ095) and Dell 1950  (Emulex LPe12002 card is installed into the Dell Server) to configure multipath on esxi, I use Volume from V3700 as Hdd  and I installed esxi 6 on it and it worked thenI configured multipath on esxi with PSP (Round Robin) as images below (image 1,2,3)  but when i uploaded iso file to Datastore, it shows xxxx minute(s)..... and very slow (image 4) but if i used singe path and it uploaded very fast.












      I also checked article at VMware Knowledge Base  and Adjusting Round Robin IOPS limit from default 1000 to 1  but the problem still persists.


      Anyone can help me how to configure multipath correctly ?


      Thank you.



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          IT_pilot Expert

          If you have problems with I / O, you first need to update the drivers.

          Check your:


          esxcli storage core adapter list

          vmkload_mod -s DRIVER_NAME |grep Version


          If there are problems with the current version, please post a screenshot here.

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            bvn63 Lurker

            Hello IT_pilot,


            Thank you for your information, today I updated firmware ( ??? --> 2.03x14) & driver (from 10.2.309 to for LPe12002  and it succeeded, after I rebooting esxi and it shows an error:


            Error loading /s.v00


            Fatal error : 10 (Out of resources)


            I have to reboot again and I check LPE driver again but it still shows old version (10.2.309) and only firmware changed (2.03x14). I will check it again next Monday.