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    Recompute virtual disk digest storm issue

    adunbrook Lurker

      In our environment a few weeks ago we started getting "recompute virtual disk digest" events vCenter every ~60sec and at first we just put a blackout window during business hours so the events are not spamming the event log.


      Now we want to figure out if this is normal, I found a KB talking about this issue but none of the solutions/causes apply to us. VMware Knowledge Base


      Our environment has:

      - no view composer

      - full clones

      - none of the VM's are missing or have missing digest files.

      - 2 pools of linux VDIs


      These messages only happen when one pool (and not the others) have Storage Acceleration turned on. So far the solutions I've seen online are delete and rebuild the pool but that cannot be done as we have users dependent on this pool. Is this normal behavior or has a digest become dirty/corrupted?