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    Absolutely horrendous experience with VMware Certification

    jkensy Novice

      Hi all - I wouldn't normally post like this, but I am fed up and feeling helpless.


      I took the VCP65-DCV course, passed the Foundations exam, and passed the 2V0-622 VCP65-DCV exam.  I was excited as I have praised VMware for 10 years and finally go around to making the financial commitment to getting certified:


      2018-05-22 03_32_24-VMware - History - CertMetrics.jpg


      You'll notice I passed the VCP65-DCV exam on 4/10/2018.  I still have no certificate issued.  I reached out to Education Services/etc. and was told that there was a "sync issue".  That was a month ago.  I am trying to expense my training and exam and need to provide evidence that I hold the certificate and I cannot, because VMware will not figure out my issue.  It's now been 42 days since I passed the exam, excited, and that excitement has waned in the face of now paying credit card interest because I can't expense the training because I can't prove I have the certificate!
      I've created tickets with certification support (request #18786464204), I've called support, I've Tweeted @VMwareEducation, @VMware, etc. no one is helping at all.  I called again today and was told that "someone will email you today to schedule a call for more information" - they didn't.  I was told in the same conversation, literally, that "there is no ETA to this issue and there are a few people who have sync issues."
      This is absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with certification - I am certified in other areas such as AWS, for instance.  I went to the Pearson center - I took my exam, I passed, I was issued a certificate.  I can't refer to my VCP because I don't actually have the certificate.  I am being required to have the certificate as part of my employment and I cannot get it issued.
      Please, if anyone has a contact that is able to help I'd greatly appreciate it.  I am a huge VMware advocate and this has really tainted my cheer leading.  I really don't know what else to do at this point.  It's not only extremely frustrating and stressful in light of my actual job I need to do, but it's insulting in that we all know how expensive this certification is and I am paying interest on it now.  It's unreal.
      Help if you can - please!