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    Updating Component Profiles Using vRO

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      It seems when adding features to vRA, accompanying workflows to manage those features in vRO are slow to come by. The new component profiles have been around for a few releases, but I still cannot find anyway to update them programmaticlly from vRO. We want to use the image profiles to allow for more dynamic blueprints. The issue is we have over 100 templates to use and manually adding them to the GUI image profile value sets is very tedious.


      The feature was added in vRA:

      But there is no inventory item in vRO that reflects them:



      When can we expect to have workflows or actions in vRO that match this new feature? It would really help us out to be able to create these entries using a for loop in vRO and then update them programmatically using vRO over time, as we update the templates.

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          Tamieu Lurker



          I was looking for a way to retrieve the cpu/memory/... values once they are set.


          It seems the following url does the trick: <vra>/composition-service/api/typeextensions/size/values


          For now, I've done only GET requests, but according to the vRA API, PUT should also be possible..


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            trumpf_tobias Lurker

            Hey there,


            I just have tested the PUT request and created a new image in the component profiles. And it works :-)


            - Created a GET request to: https://{{va-fqdn}}/composition-service/api/typeextensions/image/values to recieve all current component profiles


            - Sent PUT request to the same url with an additional profile


            Buuut there are some problems with this:


            - ~1400 lines in json for one image declaration


            - PUT request will completely overwrite the current component profiles -> risk to destroy all comp profiles


            I have contacted VMware to query a feature request (2177231), to get a possibility creating/editing component profiles.