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    Printer Redirection with Horizon 7.4 doesn't work?

    Kevin.Liao Lurker

      Hello, I have a problem with Horizon 7.4 that I can't see the printer on the VDI with Blast Extreme or PCoIP protocol, only when I using the RDP protocol can, but I think that printer is redirected by RDP but not virtual print ?


      Here is the environment:



      According VMware Knowledge Base, I try to restart the TP Service on the VDI with administrator privilege,

      and using the command as follow:

      tpautoconnect -d (Stop)

      tpautoconnect -v (Start)


      here is the result:


      Does anyone know about this message?


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          dmtml Lurker

          Just responding because I'm having the same issue on 7.3.2. 


          I have about 80 users, and there's just 1 or 2 per day that seem to have this issue.  We can resolve the error by either restarting the virtual machine, or by logging off and back onto the client machine.  The Printer does always show up on the client side, just is not redirecting.  Exact same error message when performing tpautoconnect -v.

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            bdeksnys Novice

            Our enterprise is experiencing this issue as well.  I am surprised to not see more posts about it.  Does anyone have any insights into this?


            For me, the best way to describe it is that users infrequently do not have their printers available inside of their VMware session.  Sometimes, restarting the print spooler in the VMware session corrects the issue.  When that does not work, restarting both VMware and their computer seems to be the only fix.  This is very frustrating to our users and I would like an explanation as to how to prevent it from occurring.


            We are running View7, with Win7 guests, on Win7 clients, using Horizon 4.7.