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    Low FPS BLAST - VMware Horizon View Direct Connection HTML Access

    VitalityLabs Lurker

      I am getting 6-19fps in chrome, firefox and IE when accessing my vms via HTML5 with Blast


      How can I optimize this? My users can't tolerate working remotely even though that was the whole point of deploying this solution. Even in Horizon view client its low fps, the vms themselves still get 60fps in 3d applications, but I can't even reach 30fps in the browser, on any device, or any kind of browser, from any kind of internet access. Even on LAN it is low fps. What could be the issue?


      Where do I start?


      Is there a way to be sure BLAST protocol is utilizing the GPU?


      VM and Software Specs:

      Windows 10 x64

      Also Windows 8.1 x64


      Nvidia Grid vGPU 8GB (2x Nvidia P40)

      8 vCPUs (2x Xeon Gold 5118)

      32GB RAM


      VMware View Agent 7.4

      VMware Horizon View HTML Access 4.7