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    vRNI not displaying data

    iforbes Hot Shot

      Hi. I've installed vRNI components successfully. I have 2 vCenters as the data sources and can see that data is being collected when I search based on filters. When I view the main landing page that shows metrics like East-West data, VM to VM data, etc, it says 'No Data to show'.

      How can data be collected (verified through search filters) but no data is showing on the 'Analyze' page?

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          karthickvm Hot Shot
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          Hello Iforbes,


          Please check if vRNI is receiving flow data from ESXi hosts. you may run a query "flows" and check if it returns any results.


          If not, pleases check if you have enabled IPFIX  Add vCenter Server



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            SeanWhitney Novice
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            I had this happen the other day when we were redeploying vrni a second time, with new IPs. Adding the datasource and enabling IP fix never changed the actual collector IPs in the VDS. As mentioned above, check the Netflow settings in the VDS and make sure it's pointing to the correct IP.